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Giugno 13, 2024

Massenza Drilling Rigs NEW MULTIPURPOSE HEAD

Aprile 9, 2024

New social series content: Massenza characters

Gennaio 9, 2024

TSi 150 CCE

Settembre 29, 2023


Settembre 1, 2023

MI8 on truck for water wells

Massenza MI12 with double rotary head to drill and lay the casing at the same time.
Ottobre 1, 2020

MI8 for 260 m deep water wells

Let's discover together the skills of the new Massenza MI8 for 260 m deep water wells
Settembre 3, 2020

MI12 with double rotary head

Massenza MI12 with double rotary head to drill and lay the casing at the same time.
Settembre 1, 2020

New Drilling Rig MI1 for geotechnical applications

We are proud to present the new MI1, the small and compact drilling rig for geotechnical applications
Maggio 27, 2020

New MSPT Probing Rig: practical and portable solution

Check out the new MSPT Penetrometer, the versatile solution for SPT, DPL, DPM and DPH tests and dynamic sampling.
Gennaio 2, 2020

MM3 drilling rig for micropiles and anchors

We are proud to present the new model MM3 for micropiles.

Febbraio 13, 2019

Estonia – A new customized MI8 in Eastern Europe

We have just delivered a completely customized and multi functional MI8 in Estonia, Eastern Europe.
Febbraio 12, 2019

New MI2 Drilling Rig – All in only 2650 kg

Not satisfied with the success of MI3, we wanted to overcome ourselves with a new drilling rig that was also specifically designed for the geotechnical sector.
Febbraio 11, 2019

Power and reliability for deep water well: a new MI28 in Somalia

A new powerful MI28 is working in Somalia: thanks to the reliability and performance guaranteed by Massenza brand, the drilling rig will contribute to the supply of drinking water in the country.
Febbraio 9, 2019

ASIA – New MI12 team

A new team of Massenza MI12 drills is working in Asia for water research.
Febbraio 8, 2019

ITALY – New MI12 for water wells

New MI12 drilling rig on a truck at work in Italy: with radio control and rod loading arm.
Febbraio 7, 2019

ETIOPIA – Water is life thanks to the MI20 drilling rig

MI20 Massenza Drilling rig : drinking water for the population of the Amhara region.
Febbraio 5, 2019

MM8 drilling rig for micropiles and anchors

We are proud to present the new model MM8 for micropiles.
Febbraio 4, 2019

UNITED KINGDOM – MI8 Massenza drilling rig for the english market

The Massenza fleet in the United Kingdom has just grown: another new MI8 is already at work
Febbraio 3, 2019

ASIA – New Massenza MI12 drilling rigs for water wells

Nuovo grande successo per Massenza: 7 perforatrici per pozzi d'acqua modello MI12 al lavoro nel Sud Est Asiatico
Febbraio 2, 2019

New MI4 Drilling rig- More powerful and effective version

We are proud to present the new version of the MI4 drilling rig: more powerful and performing.
Febbraio 2, 2019

DENMARK – New MM4 multifunctional and customized

Abbiamo appena consegnato una nuova MM4 multifunzionale e altamente personalizzata in Danimarca, Europa.
Febbraio 1, 2019

CANADA – A new MI28 Massenza land

New success for Massenza: MI28 drilling rig for deep water wells delivered in Canada.
Gennaio 31, 2019

ASIA – New Massenza MI12 for deep core drilling in mines

Nuove Massenza MI12 per carotaggi profondi, appena consegnate in Asia. Mineral research up to 580 m depth.
Gennaio 30, 2019

New electric MI55 – The first true zero emission drilling rig

We are pleased to present the new Massenza MI55 drilling rig: the latest innovation in the drilling sector.
Gennaio 29, 2019

SWITZERLAND – New MI8 drilling rig with double drilling head

New MI8 completely customized. As soon as it is delivered, it is already working on 300 m deep geothermal wells in Switzerland.
Gennaio 28, 2019

New MI3 Drilling rig – Continuous evolution

Last model MI3: powerful and compact
Gennaio 27, 2019

ASIA – New MI20 for water wells and mineral research

A multipurpose drill rig in all respects.
Gennaio 26, 2019

KURDISTAN – New MI12 for investigations of the subsoil

New milestone for Massenza: a new MI12 for underground investigations in Kurdistan, a country so far unexplored by the company.
Gennaio 25, 2019

Drilling Rig MI8 for geothermal boreholes with casing drive system

The casing drive system replaces the expensive and cumbersome double rotating head
Gennaio 24, 2019

New MM4 Massenza Drilling Rig

The MM4 is more than just a multipurpose drilling machine: thanks to its special design it can perform micropiles, anchors, geotechnical investigations and even water wells and geothermal boreholes.
Gennaio 22, 2019

New Massenza MI12 Drilling Rig

Safe and fast drilling up to 300 meters.
Gennaio 21, 2019

Drilling Rig MI28 for deep core drilling

Innovative drilling rig for deep core drilling in highly corrosive environment.
Gennaio 20, 2019

Drilling Rig MI8 for mineral research by diamond core drilling

New MI8 drilling rig with 8,000 kg pull back by hydraulic cylinder, unrivaled speed.
Gennaio 19, 2019

ETHIOPIA – Successfull drilling with large diameter for water well

ETIOPIA, AMHARA REGION: thanks to the Massenza drill rigs, a large area of drinking water will be guaranteed to a large area of Ethiopia, the regional program foresees the realization of numerous water wells for the population of the territory.
Gennaio 18, 2019

Visit of Sohidra delegation (Brasil) at our yards and factory

From 06/08 to 09/08 the Massenza was Giuseppe Srl, through the IBIC ltda (dealer for Brazil), hosted on the official government mission the SOHIDRA (Superintendency of water of the State of Ceara) in the people of De Menezes Gomes Democritus ( geologist responsible for building wells) and Braga De Oliveira Ernane (machine operator responsible for drilling).
Gennaio 17, 2019

ETHIOPIA – Contract with ministry of water and energy

Important supply of 3 plants with 45 Ton of pull and related motor compressors.
Gennaio 16, 2019

ETHIOPIA – Amhara Region

All you need for drilling.
Gennaio 14, 2019

MI45 for mining research

Innovative drilling rig for deep mineral research.